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COVID-19 Updates & Information


The public health and safety of our Arrowhead residents is our number #1 priority and we are working diligently to keep up with this rapidly and ever-changing situation with the County, State and Federal agencies.  Below, as information is provided by each governmental agency we will do our best to get that information posted in a timely manner.

Updates Affecting the immediate

Arrowhead Community:


04/26/2020:  🛑 To view all of Gunnison County's Amended Public Health Orders and the associated SUMMARIES, please click on the Public Health Orders webpage



Gunnison County has set up a call center for the COVID-19 Corona Virus response. The Call Center is open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. They will question callers to determine if a screening is needed. Before going to your doctor or the emergency room please call the Call Center at (970) 641-7660.


Some of the screening questions will include:

  • Are you experiencing a fever of 101 degrees or greater?

  • Are you experiencing a dry cough or productive/producing cough?

  • Are you experiencing shortness of breath?

  • Do you have any underlying health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, lung conditions (COPD, asthma), or any cancers?


If you think you have the above symptoms please call (970) 641-7660. If you are experiencing a medical emergency call 911

Quick Links to COVID 19
County, State & Federal agencies:

Gunnison County

**Gunnison County Health & Human Services

is providing two (2) daily updates

at 11:00AM & 6:00PM

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

CDC COVID-19 Web Page

Gunnison County Community Resources:

  • Gunnison Country Food Pantry will continue to provide food assistance to those-in-need during the current emergency. Please call (970) 596-6700 and volunteers will help arrange food delivery. For food pickup, please call the Food Pantry directly at (970) 641-4156 as this system is subject to change.

To view a complete listing of available services, CLICK HERE

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