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Since 2007, the Arrowhead Fire Protection District (AFPD) has operated as a separate entity apart from Arrowhead Improvements Association (AIA) due to its stature as a Colorado Special District funded by our fire tax dollars instead of AIA subsidies.


What has not changed are the many volunteers who provide the emergency and rescue services to Arrowhead property owners as part of the Arrowhead Volunteer Fire Department. As a remote community in Gunnison County, Arrowhead is dependent upon our members to provide immediate response to emergencies such as fire, medical, and search and rescue.


The AFPD Board meets approximately every other month to discuss district business. Business topics generally include annual budgets, treasury reports, minutes, a Fire Chief report, as well as general operational updates.


As Arrowhead grows, so does the need for preventative action and improved response when an emergency does occur. Each property owner can help prevent fires by mitigating their lot of debris, providing defensible space around their home or RV, and ensuring their campfires are approved annually by Security and used in a responsible manner. If an emergency should occur, call 911 immediately. Gunnison dispatch will notify Arrowhead and alert our response teams as well as provide appropriate support.

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