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Emergency Evacuation Procedures

If it becomes necessary to evacuate a portion of the community or the entire community from the mountain due to a wildfire or other disaster, property owners will be notified in the following manner:


Gunnison Regional Alerts

The fire department will utilize the emergency phone network available in Gunnison County.  Each resident with an active land phone line or a registered cell phone (reception permitting) will receive a recorded call notifying them of the nature of the need to evacuate, the evacuation and/or the available safe area where additional information may be obtained. An estimated timeframe of the event may also be given.

Gunnison Regional Alert Registration
Please register your phones to be sure you receive Gunnison County Regional Alert notifications. This can save lives! Click on the Gunnison Regional Alert emergency notification link below to register your phones.


Door to Door Notification (if time and conditions permit)

If it is safe Gunnison County Emergency Personnel, County Sheriff Personnel Colorado State Personnel, Arrowhead Patrol personnel will go door to door to notify you of the timing and direction of evacuation. It is important that you always register your arrival and departure dates with the Arrowhead Patrol so you can be notified!

What You Can Do to Assist in an Evacuation
Please follow Traffic Control Volunteer instructions regarding evacuation routes either to a safe zone or off the mountain. Unnecessary traffic on the Alpine Plateau Road could hinder emergency vehicles trying to get to Arrowhead to assist with the emergency.

If there is time before an emergency evacuation, then a pre-evacuation will be announced. A pre-evacuation is strictly voluntary. This would be a good time to couple your RV and/or horse trailers to take your pets and personal belongings off the mountain. If a mandatory evacuation is announced, then residents will NOT be allowed to tow anything behind their personal vehicles as the evacuation route may be too difficult to maneuver putting you and others in danger.

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