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Please take a moment and CLICK HERE to fill in the appropriate information to be notified by the Arrowhead Fire Protection District (AFPD) and Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD), in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts. 


Please NOTE:  Check your SPAM/JUNK box if you have not received any of our AFPD Blast Notifications. 


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Recent Items

08/11--AFPD Sep Mtg Agenda posted


08/17--Revised By-Laws posted


08/11--AFPD Special Mtg Agenda posted


08/11--AFPD Special Meeting Notice posted

07/31--AFPD June Mtg. Min. posted

07/13--AFPD Jul Mtg Agenda posted


07/10--AFPD May Mtg. Min. posted


06/30--Updated Fire Danger Lvl to High


06/16--Updated Fire Danger Lvl to Moderate


06/06--AFPD Jun Mtg Agenda posted

05/19--AFPD Apr Mtg. Min. posted

05/19--AFPD Apr Financials posted

05/19--Updated BOD names and contact info

05/19--Updated mobile site footer contact info

05/12--AFPD March Financials posted

05/12--AFPD March Mtg. Min. posted

05/11--AFPD May Mtg Agenda posted

04/13--AFPD Apr Mtg Agenda posted

03/15--AFPD Jan & Feb Financials posted


03/15--Cancelation of Election Resolution  posted


03/14--Cancelation of Election  posted


03/14--AFPD Jan Mtg Min posted


03/14--2023 AFPD Board Mtg Schedule posted


03/09--AFPD Mar Mtg Agenda posted


01/18--AFPD Nov Special Mtg. Min. posted

01/18--AFPD Nov Mtg. Min. posted

01/15--AFPD Dec Financials posted

01/15--2023 Approved Budget posted

01/15--2023 Transparency Notice posted

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