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In the summer of 2017, the Board of Directors of the Arrowhead Fire Protection District (AFPD) worked with the Arrowhead Improvement Association (AIA) to develop a solution to the problem of locating specific addresses within the Arrowhead Community.  When emergency calls were received – especially at night or during rain or snow storms – first responders were having difficulty locating the addresses where assistance was needed.    Many of the address signs were difficult to locate because property owners placed them in multiple locations and, once located, they were often difficult to read.  In addition, a significant number of addresses were hidden down driveways that serviced multiple locations.  This problem frequently delayed needed assistance.

The solution proposed to the Community and approved by the AIA was to build and place uniform address signs.  These signs would be made from 1” x 6” pine lumber cut to 12” lengths.  They would be stained with grey stain and white light-reflective numbers would be added.  These signs would be mounted on ½” rebar rods at a height of 4 or more feet off the ground so that they would not be covered by snow during most winters.  Finally, they would be located in the same spot (on the right side) relative to the driveway servicing an address.  When driveways serviced multiple addresses, a sign post containing all of the addresses on that main driveway would be placed at the beginning of the driveway just off the filing road and individual signs would be placed at each location serviced by that driveway.  To read more, click here.....

Board of Directors

Donald Koeltzow

Board Chair


Darrell Wagner

Vice Chair



Stephen Isle




Aldren Hale




Steven Gauthier

Board Member